Constitution of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) as amended in 2017

CONGNIZANT of the fact that the right to freedom of association is an inalienable right of man;

BELIEVING that organizing ourselves into a political party will ensure that Nigerians participate fully in the politics of our country to sustain our democracy;

CONSCIOUS of the need to share and rotate key political offices among the diverse peoples of our country;

DETERMINED to pursue the goals and aspirations of our people in a manner consistent with best practices the World over; PERSUADED that the equitable distribution of power among the three tiers of government namely, the Federal, State and Local government is a sure way of ensuring peace and harmony in the land;

BELIEVING that a strict enforcement of a code of conduct among members in and out of office will reduce corruption and ensure probity and accountability in the polity;

PROMPTED by a firm conviction that the enthronement of a moral social order will result in the spiritual regeneration of the nation; Recognizing that a well ordered political system is a sine qua non to economic and social development;

Conscious of the need to ensure the welfare of Nigerians within a

Sovereign and united country;

Recognizing the need to defend and uphold the sanctity of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria;

WE, the members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP),hereby

make and give to ourselves the following Constitution

Name of the Party

  1. The name of the Party shall be PEOPLES DEMOCRATICPARTY

(“Hereinafter in this Constitution referred to as” The Party”

and with the abbreviation “PDP”)

Supremacy of the Constitution

  1. Subject to the provisions of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and any other law in force, this Constitution shall be supreme and its provisions shall have binding force on all members and organs of the Party.


Motto and Slogan

  1. The motto of the Party shall be “JUSTICE, UNITY AND PROGRESSand the slogan of the Party shall be “PDPPOWER TO THE PEOPLE“, demonstrated by a raised and clenched right


Flagand Emblem

  1. The flag of the Party shall be a horizontal tricolor, comprising from top to bottom, equal stripes of GREEN, WHITE AND RED,

And the emblem of the Party shall be an umbrella in the Party’s colour.

Registered Office

  1. The registered Head Office of the Party shall be in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, and there shall be such other branch offices as the Party may, from time to time,


Character and Ethics

  1. (1) The Party shall be a democratic organization and shall pursue its objectives without regard to race, creed or ethnic affiliation.


  • The policies and programmes of the Party shall be determined by its leadership, who shall be accountable to the membership.


  • The Party shall contest all elections in Nigeria and shall, for that purpose, draw its support from all sections of the society.


  • The Party, while striving for maximum unity of purpose, shall respect the linguistic, cultural and religious diversity of its members.


(S) The Party shall support the emancipation and participation of women by encouraging their representation at all levels.


  • The Party shall respect freedom of expression and free exchange of ideas and information without undermining the authority and integrity of the


  • In nomination for Party offices, not less than 35% shall be reserved for women.

Aims and Objectives

  1. (1) The Party shall have a manifesto, which, Subject to the

Provisions of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria shall be implemented by all organs of the party and governments elected under its platform.


  • The Party shall strive to –
    • promote sustainable development through the provision of sound education, basic health care, food security, rapid industrial growth, adequate housing, full employment and the improvement of infrastructure and basic services;


  • promote federalism and an equitable revenue sharing formula;


  • promote the security of life and property, and enhance family values;


  • promote self-respect, self-reliance and human dignity;


  • uphold the integrity and sovereignty of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as one united, indivisible and indissoluble political entity; ‘


  • promote national integration and the peaceful co­ existence of the diverse communities of the country;


  • promote an egalitarian society founded on freedom, equality and justice;
  • uphold the    independence      of   the    judiciary

and    the    fundamental       rights    enshrined     in

the   Constitution     of the    Federal   Republic   of Nigeria;


  • promote learning and research in science and technology and the arts;


  • assist in the just resolution of local and international disputes;


  • support the struggle for the rights of children and the physically challenged; and


  • advance the political, social, educational and economic interests of its members, and act as the channel of communication between them, the Government and other Political Parties or


  • The Party shall pursue these aims and objectives by-


  • ensuring that the programmes of the Party, as contained in its manifesto, conform with the fundamental objectives and directive principles of State Policy enshrined in the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria;
  • promoting mutual respect for, and understanding of, the religious and cultural diversity of Nigeria;


  • adhering to     the   policy   of  the  rotation  andzoning of Party and Public elective offices in pursuance of the principle of equity, justice and fairness;
    • striving towards African unity and fostering greater understanding and cohesion among all peoples of African descent;


    • co-operating with African and other nationalist movements and organizations working for the eradication of imperialism, neo-colonialism and racism;


    • co-operating with member nations in promoting the aims of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), the African Union (AU), the Commonwealth of Nations, the United Nations Organization (UNO) and other international and regional groups to which Nigeria subscribes; and


    • Undertaking any other activities as, in the opinion of the leadership, may promote the attainment of the stated aims and objectives of the